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Characteristics of Quality
The quality control system by ISO/TS16949-2009
 Nissan Spring has gained the favor of customers as a specialized maker of springs, mainly of coil springs connected with Automobile Industry, since the established in December 1951.
 A lot of high quality products are supplied with accumulating a long time technology.
 Especially the nozzle spring of the fuel injection pump for diesel engine maintains the high quality and answer the customer's trust as same in the common rail system's spring
 "Quality First" is the key message of the company policy set forth by Nissan Spring.
 We paraphrase it as "Everything follows Quality" and breakdown as follows to keep all employees informed of the essence.
☆Quality is the supermacy☆
On time delibery follows "Quality"
Cost follows "Quality"
Reputation follows "Quality"
Sales expansion follows "Quality"
Profit follows "Quality"
Improvement of the quality control system by employee education in 5S
1.  SEIRI = Rearranging
2.  SEITON = Order
3.  SEISOU = Cleaning
4.  SEIKETSU = Cleanliness
5.  SITSUKE = Discipline
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